Security and Compliance Monitoring

LCM Security’s proven methodology for keeping your perimeter and infrastructure secure allows you to focus on all the other important tasks required to keep your organization running with the peace of mind that your systems and network are being monitored by a qualified team of security engineers. Our daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly processes ensure that only the important items are brought to your attention, saving you time on having to investigate false positive events. 

LCM Security leverages FortiSIEM and Splunk® Enterprise as the security monitoring platforms to collect logs from all of your important assets.

LCM also recommends proactive quarterly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests to ensure your systems are secured at all times. We can incorporate quarterly vulnerability scanning and annual penetration testing to ensure that even if your perimeter or endpoint security fails, an attacker will be limited to how much damage they can do.

We pride ourselves with having a very personable relationship with our customers and we guarantee that the information you receive from us will be presented in the context of your organization and with the greatest detail possible. This information will always be a companied by actionable remediation steps or recommendations. 

The security monitoring platform is fully transparent, giving your organization access to all of the dashboards, views, reports, and other information that our security analysts have. If you have any questions during your own investigations, our team is always available to help you drill down to the information that you’re looking for.