Assessment & Compliance 

Many organizations understand that they need to do more in terms of security but don't know how to accomplish this and what to focus on first. LCM works with our customers to implement a security process.  The first step is a security assessment.

LCM Security's risk assessments have three critical elements that benefit our customers:

  • Gap analysis measured against the maturity model of each control weighted against the impact on the business resulting in a risk score
  • Measured Gap analysis organized into priotized projects maximizing the objective of reaching risk tolerance
  • LCM can map the policies, people, technologies require to implement the outlined projects

Based on customers' compliance and security requirements, LCM can perform the following Assessments:

    • ISO27001
    • NIST CSF
    • SANS CIS
    • Privacy Impact Assessment ​​​​​​​
    • Security Technology Assessment based on CIS 
    • HIPAA
    • OSFI

    PCI Assessment Services 

    Understanding and implementing the requirements of PCI DSS can seem daunting, especially for organizations without a compliance officer or dedicated IT security staff.  Consistent with all our assessments, LCM works with our customers to use PCI DSS as a baseline for a Life Cycle Security Strategy to go beyond protecting only card holder data, to keep the entire environment secure.