Assessment & Compliance 

Many organizations understand that they need to do more in terms of security but don't know how to accomplish this and what to focus on first. LCM works with our customers to implement a security process.  The first step is a security assessment that organizes remediation into cost-effective projects. This approach results in a focused and prioritized remediation to protect the critical information and define scope around this critical information. A security budget can be developed with measurable goals against a defined standard to protect the critical data.  

PCI Assessment Services 

Understanding and implementing the requirements of PCI DSS can seem daunting, especially for organizations without a compliance officer, dedicated IT security staff, or a large IT department. PCI DSS will result in good security infrastructure and effective security processes to protect both cardholder and sensitive data as defined by your organization. 

Although PCI compliance does consumes time, resources and money, LCM’s approach is to make compliance core to your business, which eliminates risks including fines, legal fees and lost business. Implementing PCI DSS is part of a sound enterprise security strategy, which requires making this activity part of your ongoing business plan and budget. 

An organization that doesn’t store cardholder data can also benefit from LCM’s approach by creating sound security infrastructure, policies and processes. ​

Security Assessments 

Effectively Secure Business Assets, Plan Risk Management, Control Costs and Justify Budgets 

LCM Security’s Security Assessment offering is aimed at organizations that don’t have a detailed understanding of how secure their IT environment is, need direction on where they need to improve, or are simply interested in a third party assessing their present security level.  Our assessments are vendor-agnostic, and adhere to the controls set forth by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

For organizations wanting to take it one step further, we also oerform risk assessment and analysis on the findings from our security assessment.  Find out more in our brochure below.