About Us

For almost 20 years, LCM (Life Cycle Management) Security Inc. has built our security practice on a Life Cycle approach to Security.  The Life Cycle approach has been guiding organizations of all sizes to help define their processes, people and technology requirements to meet acceptable levels of risk tolerance.    

LCM aligns our Assessment, Remediation, Monitoring and Managed services against industry standards and best practice to customer requirements such as NIST, PCI, CIS or HIPAA.  This allows an organization to focus its resources against specific measurable controls and build budgets that directly support the goals and compliance requirements of the organization.​​​​​​​


Riders Plus Insurance chose to move to VoIP to support our rapidly growing business. We chose FortiVoice because of its ROI, call center capabilities, visibility into the calls and its ability to report on the data. FortiVoice has lived up to our expectations, supported every step of the way by LCM Security’s VoIP and infrastructure engineers. The FortiVoice System has handled well over 1200 calls a day, allowing us the visibility to route the calls to the appropriate personnel. The call center application has ensured that no sales are lost, and the appropriate operator handles the call or escalates it to an expert or supervisor.

The system was easy to install, supporting our remote sales personnel seamlessly as part of the core system. As part of the implementation, LCM recommended ThinkTel SIP Trunks, which added to the ROI and allows our business to scale up and down for peak call seasons.

- Riders Plus Insurance