About us

Security Excellence and Business Value.

At LCM Security Inc. we are experts in network security and compliance. We deliver end to end solutions to the retail, hospitality, services, education and online retail industries. LCM Security Inc. has focused 15 years exclusively to assessing security and compliance requirements, the design and implementation of technologies, processes and policy followed by the training of staff, support and out-tasking of technology and processes. 

As much as LCM delivers the best security we understand the reality of IT budgeting, and all of our solutions are designed to help control costs. Because of this we have selected and developed solutions that deliver value. By consolidating technologies and offering flexible service options we strive to deliver projects on time and on budget. 


Professional Services

LCM engineers have both formal security training from recognized institutions as well as certifications in the products they implement, support and manage. 

Vulnerability Assessments 

Security Architectural Review 

Risk Assessment 

Compliance Assessments (PCI, ISO, NERC, HIPPA) 

Network Security Design 

Policy and Process Development 

Awareness Training and Knowledge Transfer 

Out-Tasked Services

Security and compliance is not typically a core competency of your business. At LCM we are focused on security 7/24. LCM has clients whose network security and compliance infrastructure we have monitored for over 10 years. 

Vulnerability Management 

Security Monitoring 

Alert Management 

Compliance Monitoring 

What we do

Our Business Critical Solutions Approach 

Improve Security: Provided assessments, support, training and maintenance services assist management with their interpretation and response to the overall posture of your security program. 

Simplify Compliance: Cross-compliance mapping methodology will identify and correct issues due to complex and misaligned relationships between business units and technology requirements. LCM works with you to simplify your compliance process and increase audit success rates. 

Optimize Performance: By properly engineering your security program through technology and process, LCM can optimize the performance of your infrastructure and the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data. 


Piotr Swoboda

Director of Engineering 

Brendan Rogerson 

Manager of Assessments & Compliance 

Ankush Jaswal 

Manager of Network & Security Infrastructure 



LCM Security, Inc. was founded in 2001 solely to provide advanced network security solutions that enable organizations to better leverage and control their investments in Internet and related Information Technology. LCM Security offers a wide range of Network Security and Policy Management services and technologies.


Over fifteen years LCM Security has developed strategic relationships with best-of-breed technology providers in the Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus, URL Filtering, Policy Management, Intrusion Detection and Remote Management areas. These relationships, along with LCM's proprietary security assessment and implementation services enable LCM Security to deliver comprehensive and tightly integrated security and policy management solutions. 


Riders Plus Insurance chose to move to VoIP to support our rapidly growing business. We chose FortiVoice because of its ROI, call center capabilities, visibility into the calls and its ability to report on the data. FortiVoice has lived up to our expectations, supported every step of the way by LCM Security’s VoIP and infrastructure engineers. The FortiVoice System has handled well over 1200 calls a day, allowing us the visibility to route the calls to the appropriate personnel. The call center application has ensured that no sales are lost, and the appropriate operator handles the call or escalates it to an expert or supervisor.

The system was easy to install, supporting our remote sales personnel seamlessly as part of the core system. As part of the implementation, LCM recommended ThinkTel SIP Trunks, which added to the ROI and allows our business to scale up and down for peak call seasons.

- Riders Plus Insurance